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Different habitats (Møn)


Experience the varied birdlife and nature of Ulvshale and Nyord.

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Night walk

Birds in the dark of night

You've seen birds during the day - but have you experienced the birdlife in the dark of night?

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Bike Birding (Møn)

Bike Birding Ulvshale

We travel by bike along the coast and marshes, through meadows and the forest.

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Bird migration (August-November, Sweden)

Falsterbo, Sweden

Discover the fascinating bird migration - only an hour from Copenhagen.

Wetlands and waterbirds (Copenhagen)

Birding Køge Bugt

Wetlands along Køge Bay attract many ducks and waders during migration.

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Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København
Urban Birding (Copenhagen)

Stadsgraven and Christianhavns Vold

Birdwatching in historic surroundings - Copenhagen's old moat and ramparts

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Make someone happy (Gift Card)

Give a birding tour

Why not give an unique experience to someone you know?

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Birding course

Learning birdsong (2025)

Experience and learn the birdsong in spring

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Birdwatching Tours

Birding Tours – All

Join us on a birdwatching tour

The lake by the forest (Møn)

Lake Gåsesøen

Birding from the bird hide at the lake and from the boardwalk in the alder swamp.

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Birding tours – Sweden

Join us and go birding in Sweden! Why not have a unique experience during the holiday, the weekend, or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birdwatching tour! We arrange private birdwatching tours in Denmark and southern Sweden – … Read More

Bird song (March - June)

Birdsong of spring

Join a morning birding tour and experience the birdsong of spring.

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Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)


Vestamager has some of the most important wetlands for birds in Eastern Denmark.

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More time in the field

Full-day biridng

We arrange private full-day tours for birdwatchers who wants to spend more time in the field.

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Bike Birding (Copenhagen)

Bike Birding Vestamager

We travel by bike at one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

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Birding Sweden

Birding South Sweden

Exciting birding experiences in Sweden

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Easy Birding (Møn)


The birdlife at the former sugar factory. We walk between the many pools and watch the birds.

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Birdwatching Tours

Birding Tours – Copenhagen

Join us on a birdwatching tour

About our birding tours

Why go birding with us? Why not? You get a unique experience with a great atmosphere, beautiful nature, exciting birds and you gain insight and knowledge about the birds and their lives. Über unsere Vogelbeobachtungstouren – deutsche Version Why not … Read More

Birding tours

Birding Tours – Møn

Join us and go birdwatching!

See our suggestions for birding tours

Birding Tours – large groups

Birdwatching tours for large groups We arrange private birdwatching tours in Denmark and Sweden – also for larger groups like associations and companies.  Why not go together on a birding tour – the perfect choice for you who like to … Read More

Nyord Enge
Open spaces (Møn)

Nyord Enge

Experience birdlife in one of the best wetlands in south-eastern Denmark.

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Birding – Open tours

Ta' med ud og se på fugle!

Se vores forslag til fugleture
Birdwatching Tours

GRID_Birding Tours – All_GRID

Join us on a birdwatching tour

The thrush nightingale - male bird at the wet fields in spring
Nightingales (København, May - June, Copenhagen)

A magical morning on the common

Experience the mythical Thrush Nightingale and its remarkeable song.

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Urban Birding | Amager Fælled

Lake Grønjordssøen

Lake Grønjordssøen - one of the Copenhagn's green oases.

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