About us

Our Story

Why Not Birds? Albicilla Explorer is Bente and Uffe (a.k.a. BEST & UDA or just B&U), who are both keen birders - or birdwatchers, as some people probably would call it. We like to share our experiences, about some of the best things to do and enjoy in life: Watch birds and travel!

Our Mission

Why Not Birds? Can you imagine a world without birds? We can't! By sharing our joy for birds - spiced with stories about bird experiences from Denmark and elsewhere in the world - we want to inspire others to go out into nature and watch birds. We know that it can be difficult to get started watching birds. When and where do you see the most birds and how do you determine the birds? You can get an answer to all this if you take part in one of our bird tours. With an experienced birdwatcher you will get a unique nature experience, and hopefully you will want to see even more birds afterwards.

Your birding guide

Your birding guide has many years of experience with birdwatching and extensive local knowledge of bird life on and around Møn, Skælskør and Copenhagen area.

Small groups

Always small groups with max. 4 participants on the tours. The perfect choice for people who like to go on a trip alone or in small groups with family or friends. If you are a family or group of more than 4 people, book a private tour (1 - 6 participants).

What to bring

Binoculars (and possibly a camera) if you have. On several of the trips, your birding guide also brings a telescope. Good footwear and practical clothing are recommended. Beverages. Along the way there will be time to enjoy a cup of coffee / tea or whatever you prefer. Therefore, please bring drinks (coffee / tea / water ...) and possibly. a small snack.

Our birding tours

Get a unique experience - why not go on a bird tour? Below you will find our regular bird tours.

Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København

Urban birding – Stadsgraven


Nyord Enge (2 hours)

Experience the varied bird life in the many habitat types found in the Ulvshale-Nyord area.

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About our birding tours

Why go birding with us? Why not – you get a unique experience with in a good atmosphere, exciting locations and beautiful birds. Why not have a unique holiday or weekend experience? Take a guided birdwatching tour with a bird … Read More