About us

Our history

Albicilla Explorer is Bente and Uffe (a.k.a. BEST & UDA or just B&U), who are both keen birders - or bird watchers, as most would probably call it in Danish. We like to share our experiences about some of the - in our opinion - best things to do and enjoy in life: Bird watching and travelling! And we share that, among other things. by writing about some of our experiences on our blog Albicilla Explorer and on Why Not Birds? bird tours, where Uffe as tour leader and bird guide enthusiastically shares his joy for birds and knowledge about them.

Our mission

Why Not Birds? Can you imagine a world without birds? We can't! By sharing our joy for birds - spiced with stories about birdwatching experiences in Denmark and elsewhere in the world - we want to inspire others to go out into nature and watch birds. We know it can be hard to get started. When and where do you see the most birds and how do you identify the bird species? All this you can get wiser on if you go on one of our birdwatching tours - you get a unique birdwatching experience together with an experienced birdwatcher - and hopefully feel like seeing even more birds.

Your birding tourguide

Can you imagine a world without birds? I can't! I have been an avid and passionate birdwatcher from an early age, and therefore have many years of experience in birdwatching. I have extensive local knowledge of the birdlife of Møn and Nyord and all the sites where we arrange birdwatching tours. In addition to being a birdtour guide, I also participate in monitoring and ringing of birds. Furthermore, I am a blogger writing about birds and travels. Uffe Damm Andersen

Small groups

Allways small groups with max. 4 people on tours. The perfect choice for you who like to go on tours alone, with friends or family. *Are you a family of more than 4 people, then contact us to hear about the options.

What to bring

Binoculars, if you have. It is possible to borrow binoculars. Good footwear and practical clothing are recommended. On our birdwatching tours of two hours or longer, we take a "coffee break" with time to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea. Therefore, you are welcome to bring drinks (coffee/tea/water...) and maybe. a small snack. Your birding tourguide brings a bird fieldguide and on most tours also a spotting scope.

Our birding tours

Get a unique experience - why not go on more birdwatching tours? Below you will find several suggestions for more birdwatching.

1495 DKK

Early bird - book before 31 January 2023
Bird tour package [Mar - Jun 2023]

Experience the birdsong of spring

On four morning tours in Møn's beautiful nature, we willexperience the birdsong throughout the spring.

from 400 DKK

The lake by the forest (Møn)

Lake Gåsesøen

Experience the birdlife from the bird hide and from the boardwalk in the alder swamp.

from 400 DKK

Nyord Enge
Open spaces (Møn)

Nyord Enge

Experience birdlife in one of the best wetlands in south-eastern Denmark.

from 400 DKK

Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København
Urban birding (Copenhagen)

Stadsgraven/Christianshavns Vold

Experience birdlife in the city. Yes, you can do birdwatching in Copenhagen.

from 400 DKK

Easy birding (Møn)


The birdlife at the sugar factory. We take a walk between the many pools and watch the birds.

from 800 DKK

Several habitat types (Møn)


Experience the varied birdlife and nature of Ulvshale peninsula and island Nyord.

from 800 DKK.

Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)


Vestamager - one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

from 1200 DKK

bike birding (Møn)

bike birding Ulvshale

Birdwatching by bike. We cycle along the coast of Ulvshale and enter the Ulvshale Forest.

from 400 DKK.

Urban Birding (Copenhagen)

Lake Grønjordssøen

Birdwatching at Amager Fælled - one of the city's important green oases.

from 800 DKK

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