Birding – Open tours

Join an open birding tour!

We primarily organize private birding tours in Denmark and Sweden, but sometimes we have what we call an “Open birding tour”.

On our open birding tours, everyone is welcome and therefore you may not know the other participants. Besides a birding experience, these tours are also an opportunity to meet other people sharing the same interest – birds, and birdwatching.

Since our birding tours are in small groups, the open tours have a limited number of participants, you will typically have to register and pay before the birding tour to participate!

Below you can see which current open bird tours we offer. If you prefer a private birdwatching tour, contact us at to book a bird tour – or to hear more.

Open birding tour

Upcoming tours – click on the link to read more and to book your place.

  • Birdsong (expected date in May/June).

Previously held open bird tours

  • Easter bird tour (Jordbasinerne) – Good Friday, 29 March 2024, 08:00 am. [in Danish].

  • Diving Ducks of the Fall (Jordbassinerne) – October, 28th, 2023, at 9:00 am [in Danish].
    Discount code: EFTDYK
    Use the discount code (Rabatkode) and get 20% off if you book by October 22nd, 2023.
  • Birds in the dark of night (Jordbassinerne) – October, 21st, 2023, at 6:30 pm [in Danish].
  • Birding tour to Ulvshale Nordstrand – August 12th, 2023, at 7.00 am
  • The birds of winter – Birding tour to Jordbassinerne, Møn– 5 December 2022
  • The birds of winter – Birding tour to Jordbassinerne, Møn – 4 December 2022
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