Birding Tours – Copenhagen

Join us and go birding in Copenhagen!

Why not have a unique experience during the holiday, the weekend, or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birdwatching tour!

We arrange private birdwatching tours in Denmark and Sweden – the perfect choice for you who like to go on a tour alone, with friends or family. Our birdwatching tours are always in small groups!

Below you can see some of our suggestions for birdwatching tours. But there are many more options.

Contact us at to book a birdwatching tour – or to get more information.

Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)


Vestamager has some of the most important wetlands for birds in Eastern Denmark.

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The thrush nightingale - male bird at the wet fields in spring
Nightingales (København, May - June, Copenhagen)

A magical morning on the common

Experience the mythical Thrush Nightingale and its remarkeable song.

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Wetlands and waterbirds (Copenhagen)

Birding Køge Bugt

Wetlands along Køge Bay attract many ducks and waders during migration.

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Bike Birding (Copenhagen)

Bike Birding Vestamager

We travel by bike at one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

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Urban Birding | Amager Fælled

Lake Grønjordssøen

Lake Grønjordssøen - one of the Copenhagn's green oases.

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Night walk

Birds in the dark of night

You've seen birds during the day - but have you experienced the birdlife in the dark of night?

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Bird song (March - June)

Birdsong of spring

Join a morning birding tour and experience the birdsong of spring.

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Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København
Urban Birding (Copenhagen)

Stadsgraven and Christianhavns Vold

Birdwatching in historic surroundings - Copenhagen's old moat and ramparts

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Birding course

Learning birdsong (2025)

Experience and learn the birdsong in spring

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Birding Sweden

Birding South Sweden

Exciting birding experiences in Sweden

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Make someone happy (Gift Card)

Give a birding tour

Why not give an unique experience to someone you know?

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More time in the field

Full-day biridng

We arrange private full-day tours for birdwatchers who wants to spend more time in the field.

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