Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)

Vestamager - Birdlife near the city

Vestamager (or Kalvebod Fælled) is one of the most important wetlands in Eastern Denmark. The area is home to large populations of breeding and resting ducks and waders. It is also an important resting area for birds of prey. Vestamager was formed during World War II, where the shallow water west of Amager's then coast was dammed. The area was for many years a military area, but is today a very important nature and recreational area. Today, Vestamager is a mosaic of grazed meadows, self-sown birch forest, willow thickets, lakes and wetlands. Especially the Klydesøen reserve, Hejresøen, the areas around Storehøj and Villahøj, Birkedammen and Pinseskoven are among the particularly interesting places when it comes to birdwatching. In addition, Kalveboderne and Kalvebodløbet between Amager and Sjælland are a good place for ducks in the winter. We can arrange various tours of shorter or longer duration or distance, where we either walk or cycle around to one or more of the birding sites. See also our Bike Birding Vestamager tour.

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What to bring

  • Bring binoculars if you have them. It can be arrange to borrwo binoculars (we need to know in advance).
  • Practical footwear and clothing.
  • There will be time for a "coffee break" along the way. Tag derfor gerne kaffe/te og evt. en lille snack med.
  • We recommend that participants bring a bottle of drinking water.
Your birding tour guide will bring a fieldguide and a telescope/spoting scope that tour participants can and experience some of the birds closer or "up close".

Your bird guide

Can you imagine a world without birds? I can't! I have been an avid and passionate birdwatcher from an early age, and therefore have many years of experience in birdwatching. I have extensive local knowledge of the birdlife of Møn and Nyord. That also goes for all the sites where we arrange birdwatching tours. In addition to being a bird tour guide, I also participate in monitoring and ringing of birds. Furthermore, I am a blogger writing about birds and travels. Uffe Damm Andersen


Vestamager - a part of Naturpark Amager - is located a few kilometers south of Copenhagen's city center. The area forms a large part of the western Amager. You can get to Vestamager by metro, bus, bicycle and car. Meeting place will be decided in more detail in when booking this tour.

Small groups

Always small groups, max. 4 people* on tours. The perfect choice for people who like to travel alone or in small groups with family or friends. *If you are a family of more than 4 people, please contact us for more information.

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