Contact us

Do you need to get in touch with us? Send an email or find us in the field.

Send us an email

You are always welcome to contact us at: albicilla@albiciallaexplorer.com Write us if you want to book a tour, have questions or a good idea for a future collaboration.

Where can you find us

On a daily base, we are located at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. But as often as possible, we are on the island Møn, where you can meet us at Ulvshale, Nyord, Jydelejet or maybe in the tractor track on the way to Hundevæng overdrev and Jættebrink. Use this address: Islands Brygge 30B, Copenhagen S, if you want to contact us by letter/snailmail/postal services. Personal attendance can only be made by appointment.

Call us

When we are in the field, we do not always hear when the phone rings (we are busy watching birds), we therefore prefer that you send us an email. You also can text/SMS us or leave a message on +45 6140 7176.