Why Not Birds?

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Why Not Birds?

Can you imagine a world without birds? We can't!

Join us and go birdwatching!

Why not have a unique experience during the holidays or weekends – or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birdwatching tour!

We arrange private birdwatching tours – the perfect choice for you who like to go on tours alone, with friends or family. Our birdwatching tours are always in small groups!

Below you can see some of our suggestions for birdwatching tours But there are many more options – contact us at albicilla@albicillaexplorer.com to book a birdwatching tour – or to get more information.

Tour suggestions

We offer several different guided birdwatching tours. How about a trip to Nyord Enge, or a trip to Ulvshaleskoven. Or join for some Bird biking - a birdwatching tour by bike.