Why Not Birds?

Why Not Birds?

Can you imagine a world without birds? We can't!

Join us and go birdwatching!

Why not have a unique experience during the holiday, the weekend, or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birding tour!

We organize private guided birdwatching tours in Denmark and southern Sweden – the perfect choice for those who like to go birding alone, with friends or family.

You can also book a birding guide from Why Not Birds? to accompany you on outings you plan and organize yourself. With a birding guide, you will experience and learn about birdlife in a new and exciting way.

Contact us at kontakt@whynotbirds.com to book a birdwatching tour – or to hear more about the possibilities.

Why Not Birds? is an ambassador for Møn UNESCO Biosphere and Dark Sky Møn & Nyord.

Ambassador for Møn UNESCO Biosphere and Dark Sky Møn & Nyord