About our birding tours

Why go birding with us?

Why not - you get a unique experience with in a good atmosphere, exciting locations and beautiful birds.

Why not have a unique holiday or weekend experience? Take a guided birdwatching tour with a bird guide.

Our birding tours are always in small groups with max. 4 participants.

We also offer private tours – the perfect choice for those who like to go alone or with friends and family (from 1 – 6 participants).

Our birding tour caters to everyone – from the beginner to the experienced birdwatcher or to those who are considering birdwatching to be your new hobby. Maybe you’re just curious what birds you see and hear when you’re out in the wild. It may also be that you are a family on vacation and would like to experience nature in a different way.

There are never two days that are the same when birding, and you never know what is waiting out there.

Albicilla Explorer offers birding at different locations of varying duration and scope (light, moderate, high activity level).

The tours are targeted and organized according to the locality, the season and the birds we expect to experience. Depending on your birdwatching skills and experience in birding, the guide will show and identify the different birds we meet along the way. The guide tells you more about the species being seen and how to identify them.

Tour suggestions on Zealand

Albicilla Explorer offers guided birding in the scenic nature at the island Møn, but we also do birding elsewhere in the country, for example in the Skælskør area (Borreby Mose and Stigsnæs) and in the Copenhagen area (Urban Birding and Vestamager).

Contact us at albicilla@albicillaexplorer.com to inquire about options and prices.

Turforslag på Sjælland

Albicilla Explorer tilbyder guidede fugleture i den mønske natur, men vi laver også fugleture andre steder i landet fx i Skælskørområdet (Borreby Mose og Stigsnæs) og i Københavnsområdet (Urban Birding og Vestamager).

Kontakt os på albicilla@albicillaexplorer.com for at høre nærmere om muligheder og priser.

Birding with a theme

We also offer birding with a focus on different themes:

  • birdsong and bird calls
  • experience bird mirgration
  • waterbirds
  • forest birds
  • eagles, falcons and other raptors
  • … and more.

Tour suggetions

  • Nyord Enge: Salt marsh and coastal birds.
  • Ulvshaleskoven: Forest birds.
  • Ulvshale-Nyord: Birds in different habitats.
  • Gåsesøen: Waterbirds.
  • Jordbassinerne: Waterbirds.
  • …there are many more options.
Your bird guide

Your bird guide has many years of birdwatching experience and great local knowledge of bird life of Møn.

Small groups*

Always small groups with max. 4 participants on the tours. The perfect choice for people who like to go alone or in small small groups with family or friends. If you are a family or group of more than 4 people, book a private tour (1 - 6 participants).

What to bring

Binoculars (and camera) if you have. On several of our tours, your bird guide also brings a telescope. Wear pratical clothing and good footwear. Something to drink. During the tours there will be time to take a rest and enjoy coffee / tea or what you prefer. Therefore, bring something to drink (coffee / tea / water ...) and maybe a small snack.

Book en fugletur

Book en fugletur

Udfyld formularen og send en bookingforespørgsel.

Vi vender tilbage hurtigst muligt. Bemærk at turen er ikke booket før du har modtaget en endelig bekræftelse fra os.

Our birding tours

Get an unique experience - why not go on a birdwatching tour? Below (in Danish at the moment) you will find some of our regular birding tours.


Nyord Enge (2 hours)

Experience the varied bird life in the many habitat types found in the Ulvshale-Nyord area.

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