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Why go birding with us?

Why not - you get a unique experience in a good atmosphere, exciting locations and beautiful birds. Über unsere Vogelbeobachtungstouren - deutsche Version

Why not have a unique experience
Why not have a different and unique experience during your vacation, weekend or weekday – why not join a guided bird watching tour?

We offer private guided birdwatching tours in Denmark and Sweden – the perfect choice for those who like to go birding alone, with friends or family. We mainly organize birdwatching tours to locations on Møn and Nyord, Lolland-Falster, South and Southwest Zealand, the Copenhagen area and southern Sweden.

For whom
Our birdwatching tours are for everyone – from the beginner to the experienced birdwatcher. But you don’t have to be a birdwatcher.

We tailor our birdwatching tours to the participants and also offer birdwatching tours for those who are considering birdwatching as a new hobby, or for those of you who are curious about what birds you see and hear when you are out in nature.

Or maybe you’re a family on vacation and want to try something new and have a different experience.

Our birding tours
We offer birding tours of different durations and activity levels, which are organized and targeted according to the participants, the birding location, the time of year and the birds we expect to see.

All birding tours are led by a skilled and experienced birding guide who helps participants find, point out, and identify the different birds we see and hear.

Our birding tours always take place in small groups, as we believe this provides the best experience for all participants. In small groups, all participants have a better opportunity to observe and experience the birds, learn about bird identification, and have ample opportunity to ask questions and get help from the guide.

No two birding trips or days are the same
When birding, weather, wind, and light conditions are particularly important to which birds and how many you see or hear on any given tour.

The time of year – or season – is also important. Some bird species are resident and can be seen all year round, while others are migratory or winter visitors and are only seen at certain times of the year.

In addition, some birds are common, some are abundant, some are scarce and some are rare and you have to be very lucky to see them.

The time of day is also important, as many birds are often most active in the morning hours and again at the end of the day.

We try to plan each birding tour according to the current occurrence of birds and weather conditions. This also means that small adjustments and changes may be made during the birding tour itself.

You never know what birdwatching experiences are waiting out there – and that’s what makes birdwatching fun and exciting!

Are you a larger group
We can also arrange birdwatching tours for you if you are a larger group, such as an association or company. Contact us to hear about the possibilities.

Book a birdwatching tour or get more info
Contact us at kontakt@whynotbirds.com to book a birdwatching tour or if you want to hear more about options and prices.

Urban birding
Urban birding. Birdwatching in Copenhagen.
White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla). An adult and a younger bird. Ulvshale, Møn.

Birding Tours – Møn

  • Nyord Enge: Salt marsh and coastal birds.
  • Ulvshaleskoven: Forest birds.
  • Ulvshale-Nyord: Birds in different habitats.
  • Gåsesøen: Waterbirds.
  • Jordbassinerne: Waterbirds.
  • …there are many more options.

Birding Tours – Sjælland

  • Borreby Mose (Skælskør)
  • Stigsnæs (Skælskør)
  • Vestamager (Copenhagen)
  • Grønjordssøen (Copenhagen)
  • …there are many more options

Birding Tours – Sweden

  • Falsterbo (Skåne).
  • …there are many more options

Birding Tours with a theme

We also offer birding with a focus on different species groups or themes:

  • Waterbirds
  • Forest birds
  • Birdsong and bird calls
  • Bird migration
  • … and more.
Different habitats (Møn)


Experience the varied birdlife and nature of Ulvshale and Nyord.

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Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)


Vestamager has some of the most important wetlands for birds in Eastern Denmark.

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The thrush nightingale - male bird at the wet fields in spring
Nightingales (København, May - June, Copenhagen)

A magical morning on the common

Experience the mythical Thrush Nightingale and its remarkeable song.

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Easy Birding (Møn)


The birdlife at the former sugar factory. We walk between the many pools and watch the birds.

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Wetlands and waterbirds (Copenhagen)

Birding Køge Bugt

Wetlands along Køge Bay attract many ducks and waders during migration.

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The lake by the forest (Møn)

Lake Gåsesøen

Birding from the bird hide at the lake and from the boardwalk in the alder swamp.

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Bike Birding (Copenhagen)

Bike Birding Vestamager

We travel by bike at one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

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Bike Birding (Møn)

Bike Birding Ulvshale

We travel by bike along the coast and marshes, through meadows and the forest.

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Urban Birding | Amager Fælled

Lake Grønjordssøen

Lake Grønjordssøen - one of the Copenhagn's green oases.

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Night walk

Birds in the dark of night

You've seen birds during the day - but have you experienced the birdlife in the dark of night?

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Bird song (March - June)

Birdsong of spring

Join a morning birding tour and experience the birdsong of spring.

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Nyord Enge
Open spaces (Møn)

Nyord Enge

Experience birdlife in one of the best wetlands in south-eastern Denmark.

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Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København
Urban Birding (Copenhagen)

Stadsgraven and Christianhavns Vold

Birdwatching in historic surroundings - Copenhagen's old moat and ramparts

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Birding course

Learning birdsong (2025)

Experience and learn the birdsong in spring

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Bird migration (August-November, Sweden)

Falsterbo, Sweden

Discover the fascinating bird migration - only an hour from Copenhagen.

Birding Sweden

Birding South Sweden

Exciting birding experiences in Sweden

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Make someone happy (Gift Card)

Give a birding tour

Why not give an unique experience to someone you know?

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More time in the field

Full-day biridng

We arrange private full-day tours for birdwatchers who wants to spend more time in the field.

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