Stadsgraven and Christianhavns Vold

Stadsgraven og Christianhavns Vold

Urban Birding - Experience the city in a different way (Copenhagen)

Urban birding - birdlife at the old moat and rampart

Urban Birding! Do you want to experience the city in a different way? Why not join a birdwatching tour with a local birdwatcher? Yes, it is possible to do birdwatching in Copenhagen! Are you on a city break or on business travel - why not take a break and relax with urban birding? On this tour we look for birds at Christianshavns Vold - the old ramparts, and Stadsgraven - the old moat. We expect to see Mute Swans - the Danish national bird. You probably know it from the famous H.C. Andersen's fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling". From the trail we expect to see various waterbirds such as herons, ducks, geese and cormorants. In the bush and trees we look for other birds. If we are very lucky, we might see a peregrine falcon! The tour takes place at a calm pace and we stop at several places to watch and enjoy the birds.

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Payment options

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What to bring

  • Bring binoculars if you have some. It can be arrange to borrwo binoculars (we need to know in advance).
  • Practical footwear and clothing.
  • We recommend that participants bring a bottle of drinking water.
Your birding tour guide will bring a fieldguide, and often also a telescope/spoting scope, that tour participants can and experience some of the birds closer or "up close".

Your bird guide

Can you imagine a world without birds? I can't! I have been an avid and passionate birdwatcher from an early age, and therefore have many years of experience in birdwatching. I have extensive local knowledge of the birdlife of Møn and Nyord. That also goes for all the sites where we arrange birdwatching tours. In addition to being a bird tour guide, I also participate in monitoring and ringing of birds. Furthermore, I am a blogger writing about birds and travels. Uffe Damm Andersen


The southern part of Stadsgraven and Christianhavns Vold.

  • Meeting point: Christianshavns Vold at Torvegade (start and end).
  • Alternatively, we can arrange to start the tour from Islands Brygge ( at bridge Langebro).

Small groups

Always small groups, max. 4 people* on tours. The perfect choice for people who like to travel alone or in small groups with family or friends. *If you are a family of more than 4 people, please contact us for more information.

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