Terms and conditions for birding tours

Terms and conditions for birding tours [Pending Translations Update]

About us | Who we are

Company name and contact information Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? Islands Brygge 30B, 2-8. 2300 København S email: kontakt@whynotbirds.com phone: +45 6140 7176 CVR: 44216558

The following describes the terms and conditions for booking and organizing bird watching tours. The provider and organizer is Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? hereinafter referred to as Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds?, or Albicilla Explorer or Why Not Birds? or we or us. In the following, the person who books/purchases and enters into an agreement with us will be referred to as the customer. The customer is not necessarily a participant on the birdwatching tour.

What is

Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? organizes and conducts private birding tours with small groups (typically 1-4 participants). We do this because we believe it provides the best experience for the participants - whether they have never birdwatched before, are beginners or are already more experienced birdwatchers. In addition to birding tours, we also sell clothing and merchandise through our online store. Terms and conditions for purchasing products we sell through our online store can be read here.


Our birdwatching tours mainly take place at locations on Møn and Nyord, the Greater Copenhagen area (e.g. Amager) and in Southwest Zealand (e.g. Skælskør area) and Southern Sweden (e.g. Falsterbo), but not limited to these areas.

Birding tours

Our birding tours (birdwatching tours) are tailored and organized according to the participants, the birding location, the time of year and the birds we expect to see. Our birdwatching tours are arranged in agreement with the customer and their wishes. Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? is of course happy to help suggest and choose which tour, where and when. On our website whynotbirds.com you can see some of our birdwatching tour suggestions - but there are many more options.

Number of participants

Our birdwatching tours are always in small groups with a maximum of four participants and one birdwatching guide, unless otherwise agreed. This may be the case, for example, if it is a family of more than four people. However, this must be agreed with us, as there may be practical circumstances and/or situations where it is not possible or appropriate to have more than four participants.

Date, meeting/starting point for birding tours

The date, time, meeting point and starting point for a birdwatching tour is agreed upon when booking the birdwatching tour (this can be an iterative process). [Meeting point can be the same as the starting point, but for transportation, the tour guide and participants can meet somewhere to transport themselves to the starting point of the birding tour].


Unless otherwise agreed, it is up to the tour participants to arrange their own transportation to and from the meeting/start point of the birding tour.

Booking a birding tour

To book a birding tour, the customer must contact Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? via the following email: kontakt@whynotbirds.com. It is also possible to contact us via SMS/Phone/WhatsApp, but we prefer that inquiries are made via email. When booking a birding tour, we need name, address, email address and phone number (mobile phone) in order to contact the customer when preparing tour suggestions, booking and in connection with the birding tour itself (e.g. in case of changes, delays or cancellations). The customer is responsible for providing correct contact information and for any changes in contact information (email/phone). Before the birding tour is finally booked, the customer will receive an email with what has been agreed on in connection with the birding tour. NOTE! The birdwatching tour is only finally booked when we have received payment and the customer has received a confirmation email from us (unless otherwise agreed).

Price and amount

All prices and amounts for birdwatching tours on the website whynotbirds.com are indicative. It is always the price agreed in connection with the booking that applies and will appear on the order confirmation. The price of a birdwatching tour depends, among other things, on the length of the tour, any optional extras and wishes agreed in connection with the booking. If the customer has additional requests after receiving the order confirmation and/or booking agreement, an additional amount will be charged to cover any costs incurred. The price of our birdwatching tours applies for 1 - 4 participants (unless otherwise agreed or the price on the website is stated per person), and is therefore the same regardless of whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 people participate in the tour. On the other hand, this is a private birdwatching tour and no one other than you/your group participates.

Payment - methods and deadlines

PAYMENT METHOD. Payment can be made via MobilePay or PayPal. The customer will receive an email with payment information before the birding tour is finally booked. PAYMENT DEADLINE. Unless otherwise agreed in connection with the booking of the birdwatching tour, the following applies: Payment must be made no later than 14 days after the order confirmation is received by email. If the birding tour is to be held earlier than 14 days after booking/order confirmation, payment must be made no later than 24 hours before the birdwatching tour (before the agreed meeting time). If payment is not received within the stated payment deadlines, the birding tour will be canceled.

Cancellation of birding tours

PRIVATE BIRDWATCHING TOURS - CANCELED BY THE CUSTOMER. If the customer wishes to cancel the birding tour, this must be done no later than 8 days before the birding tour (before the agreed meeting time) to receive a full** refund. If the birding tour is booked one week or less before the agreed date and the customer wishes to cancel the birdwatching tour, this must be done no later than 24 hours before the agreed meeting time in order to receive a full** refund. If cancellation occurs later than the above-mentioned deadlines, payment for the birding tour will not be refunded. **For longer/larger birdwatching tours or special tours, the full amount will not be refunded (max. 50%), due to the fact that agreements may have been made with partners or suppliers regarding e.g. food/drinks, guides, entrance tickets, access to areas or transportation. PRIVATE BIRDING TOURS - CANCELED BY ALBICILLA EXPLORER | WHY NOT BIRDS? If we cancel a birding tour before it takes place, the customer has the option to get a full refund or choose to rebook for a new date. If we cancel a birding tour in progress (e.g. due to persistent rain/bad weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances) before half of the tour time has passed, the customer will have the option to get a 50% refund***, alternatively, the customer can choose to let us donate the 50% of the amount to a Danish or Danish or foreign nature conservation organization/association that focuses on bird protection. ***Cancellation of an ongoing birdhing tour must be made before half of the tour is completed before a refund will be given. Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? may cancel the birding tour in the following cases: bad weather, illness, conditions beyond our control (e.g. transportation conditions) or other unforeseen reasons. OPEN/PUBLIC BIRDING TOURS - CANCELED BY THE CUSTOMER. On open/public birding tours, registration/purchase is binding and purchased tickets are non-refundable. It is important to note that tickets are generally not covered by a right of withdrawal/refund according to "Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17". OPEN/PUBLIC BIRDING TOURS - CANCELED BY ALBICILLA EXPLORER | WHY NOT BIRDS? If we cancel an open/public birding tour, participants will be refunded the tour/ticket price minus the ticket fee. If we move an open/public birdwatching tour to another date, the tour/ticket price (minus the ticket fee) will be refunded if participants are unable to attend the new tour date. NO SHOW-UP If the customer fails to show up for a birding tour without prior cancellation (see cancellation terms above), the customer will not receive a refund of the amount paid.


We will try to be flexible, but we reserve the right to maintain the agreed end time and adjust the tour itinerary, regardless of the reason for the delay. We do this as a delay may affect the running of the birding tour or affect the running of other birding tours or appointments. In the event of a "significant" delay in relation to the agreed meeting/start time, we may choose to consider it as a no show-up (see No show-up above). In this case, the birding tour will be canceled and the customer will not receive a refund of the amount paid.

Duration of birding tours

We offer birding tours of different durations, e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, half-day tours (3-4 hours) and full-day tours (5-8 hours). The duration of each birding tour is agreed upon when booking. Our birding tours are not fixed to the minute in terms of duration. This means that the duration of a 2-hour birdwatching tour is approx. 2 hours, while a 3-4 hour birdwatching tour generally lasts a minimum of 3 hours, but no longer than approx. 4 hours. The tours are not fixed-to-minute to allow flexibility in relation to e.g. birds, weather conditions and tour participants.

Subject to changes

As no two days are ever the same, we cannot guarantee which birds we will see or hear (in terms of numbers or species) on any given birding tour. Weather conditions, time of day, time of year and season are factors that can determine the presence of birds on the day of the birdwatching tour. We reserve the right to make minor changes/adjustments to the agreed upon itinerary during the birdwatching tour. This is due to the factors mentioned above. This may mean that we walk a little shorter/longer, choose a different route or in some cases a different location (if possible in terms of time and geography) to get the best birding experience. This is something the tour guide assesses and suggests when the "day shape"/situation is known on the day or during the birding tour. Changes will only be made within reason. In addition, we make reservations for unforeseen events and factors beyond our control.

Binocular equipment

Participants must bring their own binoculars on the birding tour. If the participant(s) do not have binoculars, it is possible to borrow binoculars from us. This must be agreed before the tour. We cannot (at this time) guarantee that all participants can borrow binoculars, and will in that case have to share, but we will do what we can. The birding tour guide always brings their personal binoculars, but will usually not be shared for use to participants. On many of the birding tours, the tour guide will also bring a telescope/spotting scope taht can be used by tour participants to look through and experience (some of) the birds "closer".

Clothing and footwear

We always recommend that you wear practical clothing and good footwear. Of course, this depends on the time of year, weather and wind.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are generally not included in the price of our birding tours. This can be arranged for an additional fee, which will be added to the total price of the birding tour. SHORTER TOURS. On many of our birding tours (2-hours and half-day hours) there will be time for a "coffee break" along the way, so you can bring e.g. coffee/tea and maybe a small snack. LONGER TOURS. On longer tours, like full-day birding tours, there will be time for "coffee breaks" and lunch. Food and drinks are not included in the price, and participants will bring their own packed lunch, beverages and e.g. snacks. For an additional fee that will be added to the total tour price, we can arrange food and beverages. Regardless duration of birding tours, we always recommend that participants bring a bottle of drinking water.

Activity level

We organize birding tours with different levels of activity (easy, moderate, high). The activity level is customized according to the type of birding tour and the customer's wishes. Most of our birding tours will have a light to moderate activity level. The activity level is defined based on various components such as the duration of the tour, the distance to be covered, and whether the birds are easy/difficult to observe.

Respecting nature and the environment

We are very aware that all activities in nature, to some extent or another, can cause disturbance to wildlife and the environment. We strive to minimize any disturbance of birds, wildlife and other users of nature and the local population. Therefore, we try to speak quietly and avoid noisy behavior. If we are in a bird tower or bird hide, we show consideration for other people so that they also have a good experience.

Disability/walking difficulties

Contact us to hear about your options. Our birding tours are generally on foot, and/or by bike). We will often have to walk/hike shorter or longer distance while birding or to get to specific birding sites where we will bird. Some tours may include transportation between different locations.


We make reservations for errors and omissions. We do our best to avoid errors and omissions in prices, descriptions, translations, and marketing material as well as on our website. We reserve the right to make changes to plans and prices if necessary (e.g. due to changes in prices and costs from partners and suppliers).