Bike Birding Ulvshale

Bike Birding Ulvshale

Birdwatching by bike

A birdwatching bike tour through the beautiful nature of Ulvshale

Find your bike and join a birdwatching tour. This birding tour we are cycling a tour at Ulvshale and experience birds in different habitats (e.g. coast, meadow and forest). We make several stops, and at some places we leave the bikes and take a short walk looking for birds before we continue cycling. We pass localities such as Hegnede Bugt and Luddeholme, Veddelen, Horsnæs, Ulvshale Nordenge and Ulvshaleskoven and thus different habitat types. This gives us an opportunity to see many different bird species. Most of the ride takes place on dirt, gravel and forest roads. We cycle in a calm pace. We expect to cycle approx. 10-15 kilometers. Start and end point are decided in more detail when booking this tour. In addition to bring your bike (we also recommend a bike helmet), bring a bottle of drinking water and maybe coffee, tea and a snack. No two days are the same when it comes to birds. Therefore, you never know what you will experience on a bird trip. Therefore, each trip will be organized according to the current occurrences of birds and the weather conditions.

What to bring

  • Bicycle (options to rent in Stege)
  • Binoculars, if you have (Optionally you can borrow binoculars from us)
  • Drinking bottle with water
  • maybe coffee/tea and a small snack (a coffee break is included)
On several of our tour, your birdtour guide brings a spotting scope and a bird fieldguid. On this tour, the guide also brings a bicycle pump and repair gear - just in case!

Small groups

Allways small groups with max. 4 people on tours. The perfect choice for you who like to go on tours alone, with friends or family. *Are you a family of more than 4 people, then contact us to hear about the options.

Din birdtour guide

Can you imagine a world without birds? I can't! I have been an avid and passionate birdwatcher from an early age, and therefore have many years of experience in birdwatching. I have extensive local knowledge of the birdlife of Møn and Nyord and all the sites where we arrange birdwatching tours. In addition to being a birdtour guide, I also participate in monitoring and ringing of birds. Furthermore, I am a blogger writing about birds and travels. Uffe Damm Andersen


Ulvshale, Møn. Meeting and starting point: Ulvshale Strand - the public car park next to the campsite. When booking this tour, it might be possible to arrange another meeting/start point.

from 1500 DKK.

Payment options

Payment can be made with MobilePay or PayPal

Book a birding tour - or want more info?

Contact us if you want to book a birding tour - or if you have questions or want to hear about the options.

Join us and go birdwatching!

Why not have a unique experience during the holidays or weekends – or on a weekday? Why not join a guided birdwatching tour!

We arrange private birdwatching tours – the perfect choice for you who like to go on tours alone, with friends or family. Our birdwatching tours are always in small groups!

Below you can see some of our suggestions for birdwatching tours. But there are many more options – contact us at to book a birdwatching tour – or to get more information.

from 400 DKK

The lake by the forest (Møn)

Lake Gåsesøen

Experience the birdlife from the bird hide and from the boardwalk in the alder swamp.

from 1995 DKK/person

Bird tour package (Møn, March - June)

Experience the birdsong of spring

On four morning tours in Møn's beautiful nature, we willexperience the birdsong throughout the spring.

from 400 DKK

Urban Birding, Stadgraven, København
Urban birding (Copenhagen)

Stadsgraven/Christianshavns Vold

Experience birdlife in the city. Yes, you can do birdwatching in Copenhagen.

from 400 DKK

Nyord Enge
Open spaces (Møn)

Nyord Enge

Experience birdlife in one of the best wetlands in south-eastern Denmark.

from 800 DKK.

Birdlife near the city (Copenhagen)


Vestamager - one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

from 375 DKK/person

The thrush nightingale - male bird at the wet fields in spring
Nightingales (København, May - June)

A magical morning

Experience the Thrush Nightingale's distinctive and remarkeable song and other songbirds.

from 400 DKK

Several habitat types (Møn)


Experience the varied birdlife and nature of Ulvshale peninsula and island Nyord.

from 1500 DKK.

Bike Birding (Copenhagen)

Bike Birding Vestamager

Birdwatching by bike. Vestamager - one of the most important wetlands in eastern Denmark.

from 400 DKK.

Urban Birding (Copenhagen)

Lake Grønjordssøen

Birdwatching at Amager Fælled - one of the city's important green oases.

from 375 DKK/person

Bird song (March - June)

Experience the birdsong of spring

Join a morning birding tour and experience the birdsong of spring.

from 400 DKK

Easy birding (Møn)


The birdlife at the sugar factory. We take a walk between the many pools and watch the birds.

from 1500 DKK

bike birding (Møn)

bike birding Ulvshale

Birdwatching by bike. We cycle along the coast of Ulvshale and enter the Ulvshale Forest.

from 800 DKK

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