Birdwatching tours with a guide

Albicilla Explorer offers guided birdwatching tours

Join us and go birding!

Do you want a unique experience during the holidays or weekends – or on a weekday? Why not go on a guided birdwatching tour with your own bird guide?

Albicilla Explorer offers guided birdwatching tours for individuals or small groups (1 – 4 people *).

You do not have to be an experienced birdwatcher, maybe you are new to birdwatching. Maybe you have become curious about what birds you see when you are out in nature.

Our birdwatching tours are for everyone – from the beginner to the experienced birdwatcher or to you who are interested in our nature. Maybe you are a family on holiday and would like to experience nature in a different way.

Albicilla Explorer offers birdwatching tours to different locations and of variable duration and scope(light, moderate, high activity level).

The trips are targeted and arranged according to the locality visited, the season, and the birds we expect to experience. Depending on your experience of birdwatching, I will show and identify the different birds we encounter along the way and tell you more about the species and how you can identify them.

We also offer birdwatching with a focus on different themes:

  • birdsongs and calls
  • bird migration
  • waterfowl
  • Forests birds
  • Eagles, falcons, and other birds of prey
    … and much more.

Tour suggestions

  • Nyord Enge: The birds of the salt marshes, meadows and the coast. Best time: All year.
  • Ulvshaleskoven: Forest birds. Best time: Spring and summer.
  • Ulvshale-Nyord: A “combination” tour where we visit different types of habitat: Best time: All year.
  • Bird Biking Ulvshale: A birdwatching tour on bike. Spring and summer.
  • Gåsesøen: Waterfowl. Best time: All year.
  • Jordbassinerne: Waterfowl. Best time: All year.
  • Jydelejet: Birds of the spring birds. Best time: Spring/early summer.
  • There are more options.

Albicilla Explorer offers guided birdwatching tours at the island of Møn, but we can also arrange birdwatching tours outside of Møn – for example to Borreby Mose and Stigsnæs (near Skælskør, Southwestern Zealand) and in the Copenhagen area (Urban Birding and Vestamager).

* Contact us at to find out more about options and prices.